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"Fractal Extreme is not only the best program within its genre (and I have used them all) is one of the best programs ever written. I don't normally purchase shareware programs unless they prove exceptionally useful or entertaining. Many folks who use Fractal Extreme may not realize how much work is going on under the hood. What is great about Fractal Extreme is that it makes this work invisible to the average Joe who just want's to experience the beauty of pure mathematical forms."

David Evans

"Brilliant, totally the best fractal generation software I have ever tried. The only improvement I wanted, has already been done with v1.21 (movie start at any level). Well worth the money, keep up the excellent work!"

Tom Luttrell

"I've been using FractInt for years, and had looked at just about all the other fractal offerings around without being inspired in the least. When I downloaded Fractal eXtreme, however, I was blown away. The sheer speed of it is astounding: one image calculated in FractInt in 13 hours took a mere 13 minutes - and that was with four other calculations going on in the background! Every single thing about it is great - from the revolutionary colour palette editor to the excellent colour mapping control, and everything else."

Paul Wayper, Fractal Design Studios

"I'm very impressed with Fractal eXtreme. It is a pleasure to use, super fast, and highly instructive. I especially like the way you can zoom and pan the image with simple mouse clicks. The ease with which movie animations can be made is a real plus. The auto zoom and auto search for general quadratic maps are unique features that set this program apart from any other Windows fractal programs that I have seen. You have done a super job, and I expect Fractal eXtreme will be a very popular program. Best of luck with it."

Julien Clinton Sprott, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Fractal eXtreme makes exploring fractal images a breeze, not a chore. The amount of control this program gives the artist is amazing. The more I use this program, the harder it's going to be to use anything else."

Bug/D/Darkstream - Douglas Cootey

"All in all, it is a very enjoyable program, which is why it really does suck, I won't be getting as much work done... but the quality of my life has been improved. Thanks CygnusSoft!"

David Galloway

"When I first worked with Bruce in 1987 it was very apparent he had a passion for Fractals. His Fractal program in those days was doing things nobody thought could be done on an Amiga.
Between the raw speed and tons of features, FX is definitely the best Fractal program I've seen to date."

Mike Benna Designer, the HardBall series of games

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