Colour Palette window

The Colour Palette window is where you adjust the colours used by a fractal to identify different iteration values. All open fractal windows use the same colour palette.

A good palette is absolutely critical to bringing out the detail and beauty of an interesting fractal image. Yet, most fractal exploration programs give you a very rudimentary and difficult-to-use palette editor. Typically, you use a grid of cells for the number of available colours, with sliders that let you adjust the red, green, and blue values of individual colours. If you are lucky, these programs supply a command to create a smooth transition between two colour cells.

We think we've found a better way in Fractal eXtreme. Instead of forcing you to adjust hundreds of separate colours, why not treat the red, green, and blue values as continuously varying quantities, controlled by a small number of control points, and visualized as a rainbow of colour, and three separate curves.

The three graphs, with curves flowing through them, control how the amount of red, green and blue should vary throughout the palette. Because iteration bands are, by default, colour mapped directly onto colours (with the colours repeating as needed), this also defines how the colours should change as the iterations change.

To open the Colour Palette window: On the Options menu, click Colour Palette.

The three most important operations in this window are:

Going from top to bottom the controls are: