Exercise: Creating and viewing a zoom movie

With zoom movies, you can create animated explorations into and out from locations within a fractal. To see how it easy it is to create and view a zoom movie, do the following:

1) Create a fractal or open an existing fractal.

2) Double-click and scroll in the fractal window until you get to the location that you want to zoom towards in the animation.

3) Resize the fractal window to the dimensions that you want the zoom movie to be.

You can see the fractal's pixel dimensions in the status bar (at the bottom of the main window) and in the Status window.

4) On the Render menu, click Make Zoom Movie.

5) In the Save Zoom Movie As dialog box, specify a location and name for your zoom movie.

By default, the dialog box is set to the movies subfolder. Enter a name in the File name text box, and then click Save.

The zoom movie is rendered to disk using the name you provided. After the zoom movie has finished rendering, the FX Movie Player starts up and automatically loads and plays the rendered zoom movie.

6) Control the playback of the zoom movie using the VCR-style controls in the FX Movie Player.

7) When you are done viewing the zoom movie, choose Exit from the FX Movie Player's File menu to close the movie player and the zoom movie.