To set up an iteration movie

1) In a fractal window, zoom in and move to the location that you want to appear in the iteration movie.

2) Adjust the detail of the fractal to the desired level. Do this by modifying the Maximum Iterations Per Pixel value in the Iteration Control window.

The more level of detail in the fractal, the more frames will be generated. However, you can control other factors to affect the frame count.

2) On the Render menu, click Make Iteration Movie.

The Iteration Movie Creator window appears, automatically previewing what iteration movie.

3) Adjust the values in the Iteration Movie Creator window to produce the desired animated effect.

4) To adjust the Video for Windows (AVI) settings, click the Setup button, specify the video compression settings, then click OK.

5) When you are ready to save the iteration movie as an AVI file, click Render, specify a location and name for the iteration movie on disk, then click Save.

The movie begins rendering to disk. After all frames have been rendered, the Windows Media Player displays the rendered AVI file of the iteration movie. Use the controls in the Media Player to view the AVI file.