Poster Rendering dialog box

The Poster Rendering dialog box lets you define what type of poster you like to render. Using this dialog you can control the creation of images containing hundreds of millions of pixels, without using more than a few MB of memory.

When antialiasing is enabled, the poster rendering produces 24-bit bitmaps, with up to sixteen million colours. Antialiasing is done with three times oversampling horizontally and vertically. The nine resulting pixels are then averaged. To improve efficiency, oversampling is only done along edges - not in the middle of iteration bands.

When antialiasing is turned off, poster rendering creates 256 colour bitmaps, which can be compressed or uncompressed.

Posters are always saved in the BMP image file format. Compressed bitmaps can be considerably smaller, and there is no loss of quality. However some programs cannot load compressed BMP files. 24-bit BMP files are never compressed, because the BMP format does not support that.

Going from top to bottom the controls are: