Fractal eXtremeFXMovie Player Plug-in Demo 2

Fractal eXtreme Movie Player Plug-in Demo 2

The duplicate zoom movie shown above, named seahorsespiral.fxz, doubles in magnification thirty times during playback, for a total magnification change of one thousand million times. This movie is played back in duplicate to demonstrate some of the things that can be controlled by web page authors when playing back zoom movies in a web page. These include the zoom playback speed, optional overlay text, and the presence or absence of the control panel and numerical information. Read the author help for details.

This classic zoom movie, called Zoom Movie Theme Ride for the many varied fractal themes that it passes through, is a deeper zoom. It doubles in magnification (zooms) a total of fifty eight times, for a total magnification change of sixty four thousand million million times. At its deepest magnification this zoom movie is beyond the accuracy supported by standard floating point numbers. At this point Fractal eXtreme's deep-zoom routines take over, allowing you to zoom in to truly amazing depths - 7200 zooms or over two thousand digits of accuracy!

Remember, if you have Fractal eXtreme you can stop the movie at any point and select 'Explore From Here' from the popup menu. This will load the current location into Fractal eXtreme for further exploration. This allows Fractal eXtreme's unique zoom movies to be used as animated road maps of interesting parts of the Mandelbrot set and other fractals.

All of these movies were calculated at 160x120, for faster downloading. They are all being displayed at substantially higher resolutions. This movie is being played at two and a half times its rendered resolution, without degrading its quality substantially. The many-level mip-map rendering used by the zoom movie player allows this unique capability.

For still more sample zoom movies, visit our next demo page.


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