Day 5 - back at the Forest of Hope

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This day's guide is not complete. Let me know if you want me to work on it.


I get the Geiger Counter, Nova Blaster, Sagittarius, and the Radiation Canopy.

Here's a video showing how it's done:

Footage of all of the days together is available here.

The most I've bred on this day is 132 Pikmin.


You have to be fast and reliable at killing the Armored Cannon Beetle and Sheargrubs. A bit of luck on the Snagret doesn't hurt. The main challenge on this day is having enough time at the end to do lots of gathering and nectaring.


If you are a skilled player then you should be able to complete this day in very few tries. If you survive the Snagret then there is very little chance that your Pikmin will be killed by something out of your control.

What to do

  1. Take out 90-93 blues, and enough yellows to get you to a hundred Pikmin in the field. Seven yellows is enough to knock down all the walls efficiently.
  2. Follow the detailed instructions on how to kill the Burrowing Snagret and then send the Geiger Counter and all the food back. You will encounter an Iridescent Flint Beetle on the way to killing the Snagret. I ignore him.
  3. Now you need to take the thirty or so Pikmin that remain with you and get ready to build some bridges. First you need to very carefully kill the Sheargrubs. It's okay to let your Pikmin take a few of the bodies back, but I like to have about 26 to 28 Pikmin available for building the bridges. I put 8 on the near end, and 18-20 on the far end. This seems to be the right number to ensure that they are both done when I return.
  4. Then I run back to get the yellows and blues I abandoned on the way to the Snagret. Going all the way back to the cardboard box to get the blues seems wasteful, but every time I tried taking them with me to the Snagret battle I ended up losing Pikmin. It's not worth it, since time shouldn't be a problem on this day. On the way back with your Pikmin be sure to stop off at the rusty can to pick up more bomb rocks - you need seven.
  5. Go back to the Onion area and blow up the back wall. Then gather your Pikmin - you should have about 74 - and kill the Dwarf Bulborb and the Spotty Bulborb. Use four bomb rocks to blow up the wall. You can then toss three of your yellows up the cliff, to keep them out of trouble and stop you from ending up with too many bomb rocks, or yellows in the wrong places.
  6. Go through the newly destroyed wall and beat up the two Dwarf Bulborbs and then kill the Spotty Bulborb. Separate your blues and yellows - to make sure your yellows only get used for bomb rock duty - and get the blues to carry the Nova Blaster back. You could also put three blues on carrying back the nearby Dwarf Bulborb corpse, to save you from walking all the way back there later on.
  7. Now you need to fetch four bomb rocks and then start heading back towards the Onions. You should have 8 or more blues with you - stop on the way back and put all of them on knocking down the watery wall. Then toss your yellows up the cliff to be with their friends. You'll need them later.
  8. Grab the blues that were carrying the Nova Blaster and head off to get the Libra. Both bridges should be done now. If you're feeling efficient you can harvest flowers on the way.
  9. As soon as the Libra is back, take all your Pikmin and head off towards the Armored Cannon Beetle. The watery wall should be mostly finished, but the 90 or so Pikmin with you should make short work of it if it isn't. Go up the hill and drop your blues in the nectar grass. Then walk up to your yellows. Do not whistle for them! Use them to blow up the wall - this is a big time saving over knocking it down manually.
  10. Kill the Armored Cannon Beetle. His body is worth a lot of Pikmin, and killing him shouldn't be any more dangerous or time consuming then dodging him. You should put as many Pikmin as possible on the task of carrying his carcass back. You'll need them again so you want them finished as quickly as possible. I then put as few Pikmin as possible on the Radiation Canopy, in order to save some for carrying back other food.
  11. On the way back from the Armored Cannon Beetle, get your Pikmin to carry back as much food as possible. Speed shouldn't be an issue, so put as few Pikmin on each piece of food as possible. Grab the Pikmin who carried the Beetle body back and go get more food. You should be able to clear out the area towards where the Nova Blaster was.
  12. Be sure to leave some time for drinking nectar. If you put away your yellows and take out a few more blues then you can make sure you have one hundred flower Pikmin. Then you can try to do the same thing for your reds. Flower blues will be crucial on days seven and eight, and it's best to be well prepared.

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