Day 6 - back at the Forest Navel

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This day's guide is not complete. Let me know if you want me to work on it.

I get the Guard Satellite, Analog Computer, Libra, and the Anti-Dioxin Filter.

Here's a video showing how it's done:

Footage of all of the days together is available here.

On this day I kill Beady Longlegs first. I take ten yellow Pikmin, and lots of reds to carry the spoils back. 60 reds seems to be about right.

It is important that Olimar get back before the food pellets, so that he can take out a bunch of blues to get the total out to 100, before Pikmin seeds start popping. Then, as soon as all of the food pellets have returned, put back some of the reds (you need at least 35, I keep 37 out) and take out a few more yellow (at least 15, I take 16) and fill up with blues (at least 40).

After that the day is fairly straightforward, with no monsters to be fought. The Wollywogs should be distracted rather than fought.

I drop the reds and yellows off to start working on the wall blocking the way to the Libra (really good planners may have tossed a couple of spare bomb rocks at this on day three) and then take the blues partway towards the Anti-Dioxin Filter. Go lead the Wollywogs away before picking it up.

Once the Anti-Dioxin Filter has been carried to dry land, call for the blues and join the reds and yellows at the wall.

The details of getting the Libra and Analog Computer are left as an exercise for the reader.

I use Olimar to knock down the watery blue flower while he's waiting around for the Anti-Dioxin Filter. I also try to spare a few blues to get the five pellet from where the blue Onion used to be.

You should have a bit of spare time to knock down a few extra flowers, but not many.

The only wildcard on this level is that twice when getting the Libra down from its pedestal it bounced right off the world! When that happens you just have to restart.

The most I've bred on this day is 28 Pikmin.

Omigosh! There's just twenty four days remaining! How we will we ever have time to retrieve eleven parts in just twenty four days! Panic!

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