Day 9 - the Final Trial

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This day is actually not that hard. With the exception of day one it is probably the easiest day. All you have to do is three game hours of tedious setup work, and then kill Emperor Bulblax. With practice you can have SIX game hours remaining when you get all the pellets and the Safe back. I have an edited movie showing how to beat Emperor Bulblax available on YouTube, or you can watch a full video here:

Footage of all of the days together is available here.

On this day you should always be able to breed 25 Pikmin - just make sure you send the pellets back to the right Onion. My best total score for Perfect Pikmin is a total of 740 Pikmin. This number can be beaten - maybe I'll try for 800 sometime. But probably not. There are limits even to my obsessions.

Congratulations - you're done!

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