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Cygnus Software was founded in 1985 to write software for the 32-bit multitasking Amiga computer. Our first product, release in 1986, was a fractal exploration called MandFXP. MandFXP was hailed as a "MUST HAVE". Some of the advanced features in MandFXP included:

  • Fixed point math, for maximum speed.
  • High-precision math (deep zoom) up to 300 digits of accuracy.
  • Intuitive menu based interface.

In 1987, Cygnus Software released CygnusEd, a text editor that quickly became the de-facto standard for Amiga programmers and other users. CygnusEd was written with such close attention to performance that ten years later it is still the standard for speed by which all other Amiga text editors are measured. CygnusEd featured:

  • High-speed assembly language text drawing routines.
  • Hardware assisted smooth scrolling.
  • High speed search and replace.
  • An intuitive and configurable menu and keyboard based interface.

In 1993, Cygnus Software released Mand2000, a new fractal exploration program for the Amiga. Cygnus Software improved on the strengths of MandFXP, retaining its high-speed, and adding:

  • Point and double-click zooming.
  • Multiple window fractal exploration.
  • Support for floating point units.
  • Even faster integer calculations.
  • Even higher precision deep zooming capability.

In 1997, drawing on over a decade of experience in writing high-performance, easy to use fractal exploration software, Cygnus Software released our first Windows product, Fractal eXtreme. Fractal eXtreme was written from the ground up using a combination of C++ and assembly language, for a powerful combination of features and speed. Fractal eXtreme has continued to be updated over the years to make use of changes in PCs such as improved graphics, 64-bit computing, and more. To find out more about Fractal eXtreme, click here.

Cygnus Software is:

  • Bruce Dawson -- Design, Programming and a Bit of Everything Else
  • Helen Dawson -- Sales and Support
Thanks also to our team of dedicated fractal enthusiasts and other expert bug finders. Tom, Garth, Dave, Mike, Douglas, Clint, Russ, Joe, Jim, Ian, Dave and many others.

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