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In Fall of 1989 Amiga Resource said "I have never scrolled through text this fast on any computer using any program"

The February 1988 68000er magazine called CygnusEd "Der neue Konig der Editoren" (the new King of Editors)

CygnusEd, the finest text editor for the Amiga computer, was updated in the fall of 1997 by Olaf Barthel. To find out more about the latest version of this excellent program, visit this web site.

Mand2000, the premiere Mandelbrot exploration for the Amiga computer, is available for free from our ftp site. Mand2000 is still a wonderful program, but we haven't updated it in years, and it's not as good as Fractal eXtreme, so I really can't justify charging money for it. Both disks have been compressed into a single .zip file.

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