Day 2 - the Forest of Hope

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On this day I get the Shock Absorber, Eternal Fuel Dynamo, Whimsical Radar, and Extraordinary Bolt. This opens up the Forest Navel.

Here's a video showing how it's done:

Footage of all of the days together is available here.

I also deal with two wood walls, two stone walls, two big Spotty Bulborbs, seven Dwarf Bulborbs, some Sheargrubs, some flowers, yellow Pikmin, and breeding over a hundred Pikmin.

The most I've bred on this day is 127 Pikmin.


The challenging things about day two are time, and Sheargrubs. Time is very short on this busy day and it is easy to run out without ever being sure why.

The Sheargrubs between the two rock walls are tricky if you are trying to get zero deaths. The combination of the male Sheargrubs and Dwarf Bulborbs is hard to fight without deaths, especially when you are short of time.


This day is quite challenging, however with lots of practice you should be able to get it right fairly frequently, because the only substantial 'random' factor is whether you manage to deal with the Sheargrubs safely.

What to do

Success on this day virtually requires a good setup on day 1. You should have 25 Pikmin and at least 23 of them should be full flowers.

  1. Take out all of the Pikmin and C-stick them onto the wood wall immediately. Then, get one of them off the wall to harvest flowers. Throw the Pikmin so he hits the flower pellets, as this is a much faster way of chopping them down than hitting the stems. Harvest both flowers, then pick the first two Pikmin, then put the three Pikmin to work on the wall while you wait to pick the final Pikmin. You should get the 28th Pikmin to the wall quite close to the time the wall goes down.
  2. Take your 28 Pikmin out into the field and sweep up the two Dwarf Bulborbs, seven flowers and one five pellet in front and to the left of the entrance. I sweep the Pikmin through the first flower patch (for fast picking when you have lots of Pikmin), but I throw them on the flower tops later on, when I have fewer Pikmin with me. Be sure to send the carcasses and pellets back as you're working, so that when you return there will be sprouted Pikmin to pick. Be sure to use enough Pikmin as couriers so the food goes back quickly, while leaving enough to pick the area clean in one pass. If you run out of Pikmin and can't get the last couple of flowers, that's okay. In fact, that will probably speed up your day a bit.
  3. Head back to the onion and start picking. You shouldn't pick everything - that would mean waiting around. You just need enough picked and returned Pikmin to be able to go out and get two Dwarf Bulborbs, a ten pellet, three flowers and a one pellet. Twenty is 'enough' but 35-40 is a more realistic number, so that the food goes back quickly and you don't need to sweat running out of Pikmin. Once you have enough Pikmin following you, go out and kill the Dwarf Bulborbs that are near the Eternal Fuel Dynamo. Immediately send them and the ten pellet back, while you pick the flowers and the extra pellet. The extra food from the flowers and pellet isn't crucial, but does help with later walls. It also gets you to the magical one hundred Pikmin level faster, at which point you no longer need to pick flowers. As you return from harvesting this food, consider throwing a couple of flower Pikmin on each patch of nectar grass. The flower Pikmin will dig up the nectar without drinking it. To sort out the flower Pikmin, just walk quickly with Pikmin following you. The ones that keep up are flowers.
  4. Pick more Pikmin. Again, you don't need to pick them all, but now you need enough to battle a Spotty Bulborb and carry both it and the Shock Absorber back - quickly. 65-70 is about right. Before you go out, take your army for a quick walk through one of the patches of grass, now converted to nectar. Sweep your leaf and bud Pikmin through the nectar and try to make them all grow up. Then, head off to the cliff to the left of the bridge (out the door and left a bit) and throw all of your Pikmin up the cliff. Then walk left through the water and around the butte. Pick up your Pikmin and attack the Spotty Bulborb, from behind of course. Get your Pikmin carrying the carcass back, and get the remainder working on the nearby Shock Absorber. It is important that both cargoes go back quickly since you have to wait for them both to return before getting the next part. Since the Shock Absorber has a great distance to travel and starts its trip slightly later, try to get the maximum number of Pikmin carrying it.
  5. Hurry back and pick more Pikmin. What you are really doing is killing time while waiting for the Pikmin carrying the corpse and part to return, so that you can use them again to carry the Eternal Fuel Dyanmo back. Once the Shock Aboserber returns or you otherwise get sixty Pikmin, go and get the Fuel Dynamo. Once it is coming back, hurry back and pick the remaining Pikmin, which should all have sprouted. Once the part returns, take a quick run through the other pool of nectar, and head out the door and to the right. Make sure you don't have more than 91 reds because then you won't have room for the nine yellows that you need for efficient wall destruction. If you have extras, put them back in the onion. I like to go out with 89 reds.
  6. Your next task is to kill the next Spotty Bulborb, and then start working on the next wood wall. The noon warning is a good opportunity to check your progress. If it happens while you are back at the ship, you are running a bit late. If it happens while you are working on the wood wall you are ahead of schedule. Having it occur just before you attack the Spotty Bulborb is quite common.
  7. Once you go through the wood wall you should sweep through and kill the Dwarf Bulborb, then sweep through the flowers to the left to quickly cut them down - without harvesting them - then kill the Spotty Bulborb, then sweep through the flowers to its left - without harvesting them. Cutting down the flowers with the reds is faster than having the yellows do it. Then, guide your reds over by the rusty tin can and leave them there.
  8. Go wake up the yellow Onion now. While waiting for the first yellow Pikmin to sprout, use Olimar to knock down the nearby yellow flower. Then harvest all of the nearby pellets and take four to five Pikmin off to knock down the nearby wall, using the bomb rocks in front of it. To avoid occasional accidental blowing up of Pikmin, I only throw two yellow Pikmin at a time at the wall. While the wall is collapsing I throw the yellows with me onto taking back the four pellets scattered around the Spotty Bulborb's body.
  9. Take all of the reds and charge through the wall. You know have to kill a field of Dwarf Bulborbs and Sheargrubs. I like to coax the Dwarf Bulborbs into attacking, so that I can kill them first. Then I carefully wipe out the Sheargrubs while using the overhead view. This is the hardest part of this day to do without deaths.
  10. Almost done. Put twenty or so reds on carrying back the Whimsical Radar. Press the remainder against the nearby wall, and dismiss them - ready for getting the Extraordinary Bolt later. If some of the reds take food back, that's okay. By this time you should have one hundred Pikmin, so you won't have to go back to the landing site to pick those flowers. And, you do want to breed some more red Pikmin, as it's handy having one hundred for the next day.
  11. Then go back and get nine yellow Pikmin. Get bomb rocks from the nearby tin can and from the one near where the Eternal Fuel Dynamo was. If you take a few extra yellows you can toss them at food on the way - but don't waste precious time.
  12. Make sure you get nine bomb rocks. Quickly and carefully destroy the wall guarding the Extraordinary Bolt. Grab the reds and put as many Pikmin as possible on carrying the Extraordinary Bolt.
  13. That's basically it. If you do everything smoothly and correctly, and if you're lucky, and if you put enough Pikmin on the Extraordinary bolt, then it will get back to the ship in time. If you're really good, it will get back before the count down timer starts. Olimar has a bit of spare time, which he needs to use wisely. Getting the Pikmin to harvest food is one obvious thing to do. Be sure to put lots of Pikmin on any food parcels to make sure they move fast enough. This is particularly important with the red Pikmin since they have a long walk. Try to make sure you get a total of one hundred reds. Getting at least twenty yellows is a good idea - I never need more than that. Be ready to whistle for your Pikmin if the counter gets too close to zero. Remember that Pikmin are safe when they are with you.
At the end of this day you will be rewarded with this amusingly anachronistic screen:

If only we could recover our radar - wouldn't that be special?

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