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Fractal eXtreme was last updated January 2016. You can read all about the latest changes here and you can find out what makes Fractal eXtreme great here.

You can download Fractal eXtreme here, or see below for more details.

You can purchase Fractal eXtreme through our web store, available from the Fractal eXtreme help menu, or you can go straight to the store from here. Note that if you don't want the Registration Backup Service you can remove it during purchasing by clicking on the trash can to its left.

Fractal eXtreme is distributed as shareware. Shareware is a way of distributing software that allows you to try it out before deciding whether you would like to buy it. Shareware software is copyrighted, but you can download it, give it to other people, and try it yourself. After you have used the software for the trial period, you are expected to either purchase it, or stop using it.

This system of distributing software has many advantages for you, the consumer. Because you can try out the software before you buy it, you can make sure that it works, and make sure that it does what you want it to do.

Like other shareware authors, we at Cygnus Software create software as a business. We are professional programmers, who have decided that we prefer to distribute our software as shareware. We are confident enough in the quality of our products that we are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to try them out before asking for their money. We spent a lot of time and energy making our products as high quality as possible, and we expect to make some money from those people who get enjoyment out of the products we create.

Fractal eXtreme is almost a fully functional program in demo mode. However, it has a limited zoom range (still greater than most fractal programs) and displays a reminder screen each time you run it. If you wish to continue using Fractal eXtreme, and if you want it to be fully enabled again, you must then purchase it. Fractal eXtreme can be purchased for $9.95 over the Internet, modem, phone, or fax, and will be instantly unlocked as soon as you purchase it.

If you enjoy using Fractal eXtreme, we encourage you to support the creation of high quality shareware by purchasing a copy, and telling all your friends about it.

Purchasers of Fractal eXtreme are entitled to free upgrades for most future versions of Fractal eXtreme, and reduced cost upgrades for major new versions.

Fractal eXtreme

Fractal eXtreme runs on Windows® XP, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista™, and other Windows variants. Fractal eXtreme has modest requirements and should run on any computer running one of these operating systems - however the fastest possible processor makes fractal exploration much more fun, and multi-core systems will give a speedup almost exactly proportional to the number of cores. Fractal eXtreme does not run on Macintosh.

Fractal eXtreme is available in 32-it and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version runs much faster when doing deep zooming and should be used if possible. To run the 64-bit version you need a 64-bit operating system such as 64-bit Vista™ or Windows 7™. The same licensing keys can be used in either version.

Not sure which version to download? The 32-bit version will run on all versions of Windows, but the 64-bit version often runs significantly faster. Most new computers, especially those with 4 GB or more of memory, run 64-bit Windows and can run the 64-bit version. You can always try, and if it doesn't install then try the 32-bit version. Or, follow the instructions in this article to determine which type of operating system you are running.

Some corporate firewalls appear to block downloading Fractal eXtreme. If you hit this problem then try downloading from a different network. You can always transfer the installer to a different computer using a memory stick.

The file you download is a Windows Installer MSI file. Simply open it and follow the prompts to install Fractal eXtreme.

If you decide to purchase Fractal eXtreme, you can purchase it for $9.95 and instantly unlock all of its features.

Fractal eXtreme uses plug-ins to supply all of its fractal formulae, allowing for easy upgrades and new formulae. Check out all of the Cygnus Software and third party formulae for Fractal eXtreme.

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