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These images, of various different types of fractals, were all discovered
and coloured with Fractal eXtreme, by Cygnus Software.

Click on these images to see 320 by 240 versions of them, plus their coordinates.

alien descent amoeba archipelago autoquad bug autoquad galaxy autoquad jellyfish bands black holes blades blowing ferns candelabra centrifuge checkerboard conveyor belt crucifixion curliques dawn over desolation deep spiral descending pools dragon festival dual rubber bands edge detection fence four leaf clover ghost spiral honeycomb iteration anim 1 iteration layers jewel box julia flying buttresses julia stacked circles loops maelstrom mand cubed colliding themes mand cubed diminishing spirals mono bands moth eaten newtonian equation peninsulas radio galaxies rubber bands scepter sediment layers spiral rainbow squashed spirals the set zoom movie simple zoom movie theme ride

If you want to see an index that points at 640 by 480 versions of these images, click here.

To see an index created out of 320 by 240 images, click here.

Click here to see a fractal calculated at a magnification of over ten to the three hundredth power.

Other Fractal Sites

To recreate these images yourself, download all 48 original images and load them into Fractal eXtreme for continued exploration.

The Infinite Fractal Loop

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