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Over the last seven months the amount of junk e-mail we have been receiving has gone from five to ten a day to fifty to sixty a day. This is primarily due to our e-mail addresses being in a mailto: link on these web pages. This is becoming untenable, as it gets harder and harder to find genuine e-mails amidst the clutter, and the increase in spams shows no sign of slowing down.

We still want to hear from you, but you will have to type in our e-mail address manually from now on.

The main e-mail address for Cygnus Software is "comments". Our domain name is the same as for our web site - minus the "www.". Just string the word "comments", an at sign, and our domain name together and you will have our e-mail address.

You can also find our e-mail address by downloading Fractal eXtreme and looking in the help file for information on reaching us. In future versions we will put a sendmail menu in Fractal eXtreme so that our customers can easily reach us.

To make sure that your e-mail does not get caught in one of our automated spam filters, make sure that the words Fractal eXtreme appear in the subject or body.

Thank you for your patience and please, contact your local lawmakers and urge them to pass legislation that will make spammers accountable for the burden they impose on other Internet users.

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