Fractal eXtremeHow To Buy FX
The first thing to do before buying Fractal eXtreme is to visit our Downloads area and get a copy of Fractal eXtreme. The copy that you download will be both a time-limited demonstration version, and a no-restrictions release version, depending on whether you decide to purchase it.

At any time after downloading Fractal eXtreme, you can decide to purchase it for just $9.95. Simply choose Purchase Fractal eXtreme from the Help menu. At this point, you are led through a series of steps which allow you to pay for Fractal eXtreme, with any major credit card or using PayPal without leaving your chair. When you are finished, Fractal eXtreme will be unlocked and registered almost immediately.

This is possible through the use of SWREG. This lets you try out our software, decide whether you want to buy it, and then receive an unlocking code for the software within minutes of paying for it, through e-mail. There is no need to download it again, or wait to receive a package in the mail.

When purchasing Fractal eXtreme, you purchase it through the Internet, using a credit card or using PayPal. This results in you being automatically given an unlocking code which turns the time limited demonstration version of Fractal eXtreme into your fully functional personal copy. Note that if you don't want the Registration Backup Service you can remove it during purchasing by clicking on the trash can to its left.

Purchasing Fractal eXtreme through the Internet will ensure that it is unlocked almost instantaneously - allowing you to immediately resume fractal surfing.

If you have already purchased Fractal eXtreme then the 2.0 update is free, even though version 2.0 is a significant change and represents hundreds of hours of work. If you find this update useful then we encourage you to make a donation to help defray the development costs and to encourage us to release future updates for free as well. You can make donations (we recommend $10 to $15) using paypal, sending the donations to

If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

The registration codes can be used to reinstall Fractal eXtreme. You should backup your registration codes to make sure they are protected in case of a system crash.

The registration codes are for your personal use only - please do not share them with other people.

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