Fractal eXtremeRelicensing FX
If you purchased Fractal eXtreme prior to November 2001 and you try to transfer your Fractal eXtreme registration to a new machine, or a second machine, or if your original Fractal eXtreme registration gets wiped out and you need to reinstall it or if you upgrade to version 1.80 or higher, you will find that your original serial number no longer works.

But don't worry - as a registered user of Fractal eXtreme you have every right to transfer your license, and we will make sure that you can.

Just contact Cygnus Software with proof of purchase information (original license number or contact information for looking up in our database) and we will give you a personalized unlocking code that will work with Fractal eXtreme 1.80. Be sure to back this up in a safe place.

.Bruce Dawson.

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