Fractal eXtremeFXMovie Player Plug-in Demo 3

Fractal eXtreme Movie Player Plug-in Demo 3

Here you can see some of the different types of fractals that Fractal eXtreme supports. Fractal eXtreme's plug-in architecture allows new fractal formulae to easily be added to the program.

This page may be a bit overwhelming for computers that are slower or have minimal memory. Please be patient and give the movies some time to load so that you can see them at their best.

Also note that the movie in the upper right hand corner is colour cycling as it zooms in and out.

The two images above start out quite different, but converge on a common theme as they zoom in. This is common behaviour when a fractal and its associated Julia set zoom in on the Julia's seed location.

To see simple zoom movies again, visit our first demo page.


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