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What Happened to my Colours!?!

Displaying Console Computer Graphics on a TV

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This paper was presented at the 2001 Game Developers Conference.

The PowerPoint presentation, the paper in MS Word format, and source code for the samples are available here. Compiled versions of the samples are available here.

These were last updated March 29 2001, to add the paper.

The text is also available at gamasutra.

For more information on comb filters, take a look at this article.

For a visualization of how terrible NTSC resolution is, check out this resolution comparison. Note: the resolution comparison probably overstates NTSC broadcast resolution. Plus, in order to obtain anywhere near that resolution, you had better have a good comb filter on your TV. Also, if you want that promised resolution from DVDs, make sure you've got a good connection between your DVD and your TV - if you use a composite connector then you will get broadcast resolution from your DVD!

Please contact me if you have any questions. Let me know if you find this information useful.

Bored with reading these technical papers? Go check out my cool fractal exploration program for Win32.

other papers...

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